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Gail Riecken: Mayor Winnecke Lacks Transparency and Accountability

Gail Riecken calls on Mayor Winnecke to stop spending tax dollars the city doesn’t have. Riecken states “With each passing year, our General Fund starts out with less money than the year before. Our city credit card is becoming maxed out. We cannot continue to borrow future money to pay the city’s bills today. This type of action is unsustainable. “Riecken also calls on the Mayor for transparency and accountability, as the Mayor refused a visit to the City Council to answer questions about the hotel.

Riecken says the Mayor shows a lack of respect to the citizens of Evansville for not presenting his budget plan before the August hearings and pledges, as mayor, to present her fiscal priorities prior to the official meeting so citizens can have input.“I pledge to you that, as mayor, I will lay out my fiscal priorities prior to the official budget hearings, so all Evansville citizens can have an opportunity to look at, question, and give input on it,” says Riecken




The city of Evansville’s Public transportation system must be upgraded. Evansville citizens deserve the best public transportation system possible. Addressing transportation issues in Evansville, there has to be a mention of the critical need to repair streets and crumbling sidewalks in all areas of Evansville. Attention to rough and dangerous streets and sidewalks is a serious safety issue. This will be a priority in the Riecken administration. We will talk more or streets and sidewalks in our Quality of Life statement.

Any mention of transportation must include a commitment to I-69. The Riecken administration will have a plan to advocate for funding for the completion of I-69 in Indiana and the bridges over the Ohio River at Evansville. This will be a priority advocacy effort in the Riecken administration.

Click to read Gail Riecken’s Public Transportation Position Statement and her plans to solve the problem.


Evansville residents deserve a city government that is open and transparent, allowing for more information sharing, open discussion and actions that instill trust and honesty.

The Riecken Administration will accomplish this through these policies:
Whistleblower ordinance. I will propose an ordinance that will protect city workers who report problems with city government so that actions by a city official cannot be retaliatory.

Responsible bidder ordinance. I will propose an ordinance that sets guidelines for securing service contracts, making sure the city gets the best bids possible for quality services through an open and competitive process.

Open and consistent public dialogue. I pledge to make scheduled bi-monthly appearances at city council meetings for an open discussion of projects and issues.

Quarterly reports on city finances. I pledge that reports on the status of city finances will be given by my controller or myself quarterly. We will provide this information at city council meetings and on the internet with discussion from the city council.

Public Review of Budget. Once the proposed city budget is finalized my administration will give the public an opportunity to ask questions and have input.

Open discussion of State Board of Accounts audits. Without violating Indiana statute and when legally public. I pledge that the audit process and audit reports for the city and water & sewer department will be discussed in a public forum with city council by the controller or the designated departmental staff.

Expanded Traveling Town Hall sessions. I will expand the content of these to include information on the general state of city finances, progress on projects and issues discussions. While the public will still have every opportunity to relay problems or concerns to the appropriate department heads, my administration will play a more active role in using the Traveling Town Hall to inform the public of city operations.




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Evansville Needs Responsible Leadership

Evansville has the potential for a bright future. We must make decisions that are going to affect the city for decades. To move Evansville forward we need to grow responsibly and have transparent government. The city must move major projects forward, while living within our means. But most importantly, we need leadership that the city can count on. Our city deserves a mayor that listens to the people and works with the legislative branch.



Evansville Needs Transparent Government

There is a general distrust of local government in Evansville. We can change that! Mayor Winnecke demonstrated the secretiveness of local government during the State Board of Accounts audit. Evansville can’t have four more years of secret meetings. Our city needs a transparent budget process that includes input from the citizens.



Evansville Needs Leadership That Finishes Projects

Mayor Winnecke’s empty fields are all over the city. Project after project has fallen apart leaving the future of Evansville in question. Our city needs projects that focus on jobs. Evansville deserves a mayor that can work with people across the aisle to accomplish things that will move Evansville forward. Throughout Gail Riecken’s career she has demonstrated her ability to work with people in the other party. Reaching out to others and working with them is a quality that many know Gail by.