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Join us for Coffee with Gail!


Meet and talk with Gail, Saturday, March 7th

Enjoy a cup of coffee, say hi, talk about issues and of course take a pic with Evansville’s next mayor Saturday, March 7th at both Penny Lane Coffeehouses. Gail will be at:
East Penny Lane Coffeehouse @ 2004 Washington Avenue from 12:30-2pm

Downtown Penny Lane Coffeehouse @ 600 SE 2nd Street from 2:30-4pm. Please join her and show your support while supporting a great local business!

Penny Lane will be giving complimentary coffee to all police, firemen, emergency responders and military personnel with valid id during the meet and greets!

Media welcome at both locations.





Evansville Needs Responsible Leadership

Evansville has the potential for a bright future. We must make decisions that are going to affect the city for decades. To move Evansville forward we need to grow responsibly and have transparent government. The city must move major projects forward, while living within our means. But most importantly, we need leadership that the city can count on. Our city deserves a mayor that listens to the people and works with the legislative branch.



Evansville Needs Transparent Government

There is a general distrust of local government in Evansville. We can change that! Mayor Winnecke demonstrated the secretiveness of local government during the State Board of Accounts audit. Evansville can’t have four more years of secret meetings. Our city needs a transparent budget process that includes input from the citizens.



Evansville Needs Leadership That Finishes Projects

Mayor Winnecke’s empty fields are all over the city. Project after project has fallen apart leaving the future of Evansville in question. Our city needs projects that focus on jobs. Evansville deserves a mayor that can work with people across the aisle to accomplish things that will move Evansville forward. Throughout Gail Riecken’s career she has demonstrated her ability to work with people in the other party. Reaching out to others and working with them is a quality that many know Gail by.